Architectural Studio

Architectural workshop "Chuvashev & partners" that was founded in 2003, has designed and implemented many elite private and public buildings of different styles for 12 years of existence. Also the workshop designs luxury residential apartments, offices, restaurants, and completely designs and constructs private country houses, villas, mansions, and even reconstructs historical interiors. Also there were implemented projects of sports facilities and spa complexes. The Workshop has acquired reliable partners and suppliers, helping to implement the most difficult and interesting creative ideas, for a flawless and smooth implementation of projects.

Visit our workshop and appreciate a new industry standard for real estate presentation - 3D laser-scanning photos. When you are using virtual reality glasses, you get to experience total immersion in the virtual space. Feelings are so real, as if you actually visited us in the studio. Scanning is perfectly produced by our friends - Teleport VR Company, a developer of solutions for business in virtual reality.


Chuvashev Vladimir

The head of the Workshop & chief architect

Chuvashev Vladimir was born in a family of architects in Leningrad in 1981. In 1995 he went to the Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. Where he attended Alexander Zhuk's class. Later he Graduated with honors in 2001. Since 1999 he worked in the architectural workshop under the leadership of Jacob Voloshin and Vladimir Chuvashev Major. In 2003 he established his own workshop, and later called it "Chuvashev And Partners."

Education Санкт-Петербургская художественно-промышленная академия им. А. Л. Штиглица

Iunin Andrey

Architect, CGI Artist
Education Petrozavodsk State University
Hobby Foreign languages

Karpenko Daria

Education Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design
Hobby Foreign languages, travelling


Residential interiors and private houses

Work with a customer is an important part of creating a unique project of a private house or an interior. It is important to understand a person, his psychological type, habits and daily life of the members of his family, the way they are used to move in space, and where exactly they usually spend their time at home. Sometimes special non-standard facilities may appear in the project after learning person's habits, for example - a bathtub for washing of aqualungs or family’s living room for accommodation a collection of dolls or fisherman’s room and others. Together with the customer we fill in the space for a comfortable and happy life.

Public buildings, constructions and interiors

The main purpose in the designing of public buildings and interiors is to identify the main qualities of the company, its products or services, and to place literate semantic accents. Usually quick look is enough for the perception of the building or interior entirely , so the basic architectural image that creates the first impression is very important. In addition, the new building should be in harmony with the surrounding urban environment. At the same time the basis of the designing and constructing of commercial real estate is now a financial component, so you need to find a compromise between the cost of the project and its attractiveness to visitors.